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    Explosive, tailored marketing.

    In a world where the number of devices is increasing at an ever growing rate, a ‘one size fits all’ campaign just won’t suffice, which is why our unique, multichannel marketing campaigns ensures your business is seen at the right time, in the right place and on the right device.

    Roadmapping success.

    Before undertaking any campaign, we roadmap the customer journey and define what success looks like to your business. Once audience and goals have been identified, we get to work utilising sophisticated tracking technology to optimise every step of the journey, improving and refining the experience to maximise conversions.

    Optimise and expand.

    Once the foundation is laid, our team will continue to optimise all aspects of the campaign, increasing conversions, reallocating budgets to top performing assets. At the end of each month our team will discuss the successes and opportunities of the campaign, working closely with you to define new goals.

    Our solutions.


    Ever wanted to be Google’s number 1 answer for a question, product or service? This is what SEO is all about – the art of optimising your website and user experience to keep Google’s algorithm happy. There are over 250 (known) signals that the algorithm uses when it delivers search results… How many of these do you think your site currently prioritises? 

     Google Ads.

    No time to waste? Google Ads is the perfect solution for achieving visibility quickly – and it’s incredibly transparent. Each month, our team will optimise your campaign to drive down the cost of your adverts, increase visibility and ultimately, sales. 

     Paid Social Media.

    Grab a bigger slice of the pie with paid social media, sharing your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to target specific new audiences. Boost your organic content today or design your own fresh adverts and see how quickly your following increases!

    Success through collaboration.

    We believe the best ideas are often driven by collaboration, which is why we endeavour to increase our knowledge of your business, reveal previously unseen USPs, and educate you on our techniques that help drive successful campaigns.

    Reporting what matters.

    We strive to demystify technical jargon and deliver results in plain English, reporting on what drives your business’ success. In your first month, we will create a bespoke report that reduces the noise and gets straight to the point.

    We couldn’t be happier with the result. From start to finish, Blink guided our team through the process, listened to our requirements and created a bespoke digital solution.

    Malcolm Davidson, Managing Director

    From start to finish, Blink diligently guided Reflex Data through a digital transformation process to enhance our customer experience.

    Happy to recommend Blink to anyone looking to undertake a digital project of this magnitude.

    Jeremy Alcock, Managing Director

    In just 12 months of starting the SEO campaign, Blink increased our qualified traffic levels and HFR Solutions CIC has enjoyed a month on month increase over the course of a 24 month period.

    Mark Richardson, Head of Marketing

    Jake, Ben and James are all extremely professional and all round nice people. Our website is exactly what we wanted! I would highly recommend blink, especially if you are a charity like us!

    Rose James, Partnership Manager