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    Design’s Favourite Typefaces

    Type is the foundation of any visual design. It allows you to express in words the look and feel of your brand identity and is often key to creating an iconic and identifiable brand that people instantly recognise. 

    There are so many typefaces to choose from, new ones are created every day and within them are various fonts to choose from. A typeface can look completely different depending on size, weight and colour. How do you even begin to choose when there is so much on offer? 

    Although ever-changing and constantly evolving, many brands will choose to stick with the classics. Why fix something that isn’t broken? 

    We have already discussed Helvetica, an incredible staple of the typeface community that has withstood the test of time. But how many other typefaces have proven popular over and over again? And why are they so loved? 


    Geometric, simplistic and favoured by the likes of both Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, Futura is the perfect choice for a futuristic, modern feel. Its characters are all formed from circles, squares and triangles and this classic sans serif font is one of the best-known fonts in use today. 

    Times New Roman

    A classic, almost everyone has written at least one homework essay in this type and it’s still one of the most popular fonts used in printing. This serif font is readable, reliable and reputable. Perfect for brands wanting to hone in on professionalism. 


    Timeless and elegant, this serif typeface originated in the 1800s and we haven’t managed to shake it yet. The likes of Vogue and Armani love it… and so do we. It’s sophisticated, classy and makes a statement. 


    This list is loving serif, with yet another iconic staple. This type in particular is one of the most legible serif fonts out there, making it perfect for long bodies of text. Rolex loves it, the fashion industry loves it, so up the luxury feel of your brand and go for Garamond. 

    Avante Garde

    Adidas? Yep! Avante Garde was given to us in the 70s and remains a strong, popular geometric sans serif that holds its own, giving a cutting-edge and contemporary feel to the brands who adopt it. 


    Now this one is so deliciously simple and understated that it’s really hard not to love. Named after the home of its creator, Julieta Ulanovski, it is incredibly versatile and easy to individualise. 


    We couldn’t resist giving just a little more spotlight to this timeless typeface. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s the most popular sans serif around. The universality of this font is astounding and it is sure to be a favourite forever. 

    This is just a collection of some of the best, of course. There are hundreds out there to choose from and there is bound to be a perfect type for your brand if you look hard enough. Although, scrolling the depths of a typeface encyclopaedia may take a while, so you could always just stick with the classics. 

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