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    Helvetica: The Timeless Typeface And Why We Love It

    Type has and always will be an integral part of each and every visual identity. Balancing form and function, type is a key player in establishing a brand’s tone of voice. Each year, type trends shift and evolve, however, some timeless classics will forever remain just that… timeless. 

    Arguably one of the most recognisable and beloved typefaces of all time, Helvetica has touched so many moments throughout culture. From leading automobile manufacturers to tech giants and beauty brands, Helvetica’s clean letterforms are the perfect companion for so many brands of so many different disciplines. 

    What do Panasonic, BMW, Harley Davidson and Oral-B all have in common? You guessed it! They all use Helvetica.

    Helvetica has undergone many changes since its 1957 creation, including a responsive variable adaptation in 2019. However, its iconic sans serif design has remained the same. 

    As many designers will know, leaning into the latest and hottest design trends is an irresistible urge. The temptation to create beautiful brands that feel cool is a tough itch not to scratch. But, alas, we know the risk. Creating work inspired by the now will simply fail to stand the test of tomorrow.

    The fate of many brands and rebrands have fallen to a forever shifting and evolving design landscape. Trends of a few years ago will quickly feel outdated and exhausted and many once cutting-edge designs fail to cut the mustard a few years down the line.

    Using well-known, well-loved type in design is a sure way to create branding you know will prevail, regardless of trends and changes in the industry. There’s a reason the good ones are used so often. 

    The job of designers is to create visual identities that can be as effective today as they are tomorrow. Yes, fashionable is favourable, but timelessness is key in preserving identity. So, why not start with a timeless typeface?

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