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    New Data Reveals Important Enterprise SEO Developments

    If your company is dependent on people finding it on search engines, you will be aware by now of the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO). However, what some firms can overlook is that SEO is a changing landscape.   

    This means the keywords, the article length, the platforms you focus on and more can change time and again, while new factors like AI can be a game-changer. What that means is the SEO methods that may have worked well last year and even this year might be redundant in 2024.

    Consequently, what an SEO consultant told you in the past may have been very sound advice, but you need to go back for regular updates.

    Details of the latest developments have been highlighted in the Ranking Factors third edition report titled Enterprise SEO for Competitive Advantage in 2023.

    Summarising the areas where change is set to take place over the coming 12 months, Digital Marketing News said these include “an increase in SEO value, search algorithm updates, progression in AI and conversational search, incorporation with data management platforms, and an ongoing emphasis on all-encompassing SEO approaches.”

    In addition, it noted the advancement of voice search technology and visual search will change the way enterprises interact with search engines.

    Above all, the importance of investment in enterprise SEO can have great benefits for firms.

    With the last of these considerations in mind, it makes sense to speak to the experts about just what these latest trends mean and how investment should be steered to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead as well as meeting the challenges that change can bring.

    Not only will a consultant be able to help you with that, but to be on hand again in the future when the next developments in SEO come along, as they surely will.

    We couldn’t be happier with the result. From start to finish, Blink guided our team through the process, listened to our requirements and created a bespoke digital solution.

    Malcolm Davidson, Managing Director

    From start to finish, Blink diligently guided Reflex Data through a digital transformation process to enhance our customer experience.

    Happy to recommend Blink to anyone looking to undertake a digital project of this magnitude.

    Jeremy Alcock, Managing Director

    In just 12 months of starting the SEO campaign, Blink increased our qualified traffic levels and HFR Solutions CIC has enjoyed a month on month increase over the course of a 24 month period.

    Mark Richardson, Head of Marketing

    Jake, Ben and James are all extremely professional and all round nice people. Our website is exactly what we wanted! I would highly recommend blink, especially if you are a charity like us!

    Rose James, Partnership Manager